Artist's statement

My journey as an artist has taken me through various media, starting with ceramics where simplification of landscape images was necessary. I then developed painted works including more complex landscapes which were in the traditional/realist genre.  Increasingly I have been searching for simplicity through more contemporary imagery. Exploring ceramic media has inspired me to link both techniques, enabling me to become a more integrated multi-media artist.

Producing new works for a recent Brighton show has resulted in an in depth analysis of my painting technique.  Breaking down colour perception with simpler application of broad brush strokes to represent “reality” in smaller works leads to what some regard as “abstraction”.  However, viewed from a distance “reality” is definitely there – it’s amazing how much your brain contributes to the viewing experience, making “sense” of simpler cues. So, in applying the same scale of technique and textures; using bold and vivid colour to larger works, results in a loop back to realism?  No, it’s more, it’s toward the original viewing experience, it’s in search of the hyper-real.